Partnership with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

At its inaugural launch on Thursday, November 5, 2015, The Luv u Project proudly announced its partnership with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHBSPH) to establish a national symposium and advisory board focused on workplace mental health and prevention.

The symposium will host experts in the mental health field, policy makers, and key stakeholders, who, together will build a roadmap to achieve both short and long-term outcome goals.

The cornerstone of the Luv u mission is to build a quantifiable agenda and take responsible actions that advance the field of mental health. To do this effectively, the Project sought to learn as much as possible from the most accomplished minds in the field. Over the preceding months, the Luv u leadership has met with distinguished men and women from academia, the government, and various private industries, as well as other non profit organizations within the mental health spectrum. The Project believes that to accomplish its mission, it needs to work with experts who have experience and credibility and who share its vision and passion. Together with JHBSPH, The Luv u Project will be able to do just that.

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ULead Young Professional Program

uLead provides a forum to bring together young professionals with the purpose of understanding, educating, and acting on the mission of The Luv u Project: To set a quantifiable agenda and take responsible actions that advance the understanding of, and treatments for, mental health issues. As Carolyn Mattingly so beautifully and effortlessly demonstrated, out of luv, uLead. Members of uLead come together to discuss the different aspects of mental health and strategize how to raise awareness regarding this important social issue.

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Carolyn C. Mattingly Award for Mental Health Reporting

Eager to learn about the spectrum of mental health, we explored every pathway available. We spoke with some of the most gifted and respected minds in medicine, public health, and government. With more knowledge came different perspectives—and even more questions.

In our discussions with these many experts, one idea struck a major chord: elevating the discussion on mental health and ultimately bringing more attention to it through quality journalism. Then came the obvious question: What role might The Luv u Project responsibly play in this endeavor?

And so evolved our idea to establish a new, prestigious journalism award for excellence in mental health reporting. Concerned with how to establish, administer, and circulate such an award, We shared our idea with Frank Deford, a good friend and an extraordinary journalist. His encouragement and guidance led us to The National Press Foundation (NPF).

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