ULEAD, A Young Professional Leadership Program
uLead, A Young Professional Leadership Program

uLead is The Luv u Project’s Young Professional Leadership Program. We’re now accepting applications for the uLead chairperson and vice chairperson roles. Learn more and submit an application.

Building on The Luv u Project’s mission, uLead engages young professionals in conversation about mental health to break down the stigma surrounding it. uLead members meet quarterly to discuss different aspects of mental health and to raise awareness of this important social issue. Set in the Washington, D.C., area, the quarterly events feature prominent speakers from the mental health and business fields and attract approximately 35-50 young professionals.

In addition to quarterly events, uLead hosts an annual fundraiser each fall to supports its work as well as the mission of The Luv u Project. The fundraiser is also an occasion when uLead recognizes standout mental health advocates and awards them the uLeader: Young Professional of the Year prize.

uLead is supported by a chairperson and vice chairperson, two individuals who are dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and who have the professional network to build the membership and promote the uLead mission among a larger audience. Past uLead chairs and vice chairs have been successful young professionals from organizations like Capital One, Booz Allen Hamilton, and government contracting businesses.

For questions about uLead, please contact [email protected]


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