uLead is The Luv u Project's Young Professional Leadership Program

About uLead

Building on The Luv u Project’s mission, uLead engages young professionals in conversation about mental health to break down the stigma surrounding it. uLead members attend events, meet virtually, write and advocate on all aspects of mental health to raise awareness of this important social issue. Membership to uLead is free and for young professionals ages 25 – 45 from across the country, who care deeply about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

uLead hosts an annual fundraiser to supports its work as well as the mission of The Luv u Project. The

Julia Alpaio, uLead Advisory Council Chair and Christin Lewis, Co-Founder of The Luv u Project

fundraiser is also an occasion when uLead recognizes a standout mental health advocate and awards them uLeader: Young Professional of the Year.

uLead is supported by a chairperson and advisory council, individuals who are dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and who have the professional network to build membership and promote the uLead mission among a larger audience. Past uLead chairs have been successful young professionals from organizations like Capital One, Booz Allen Hamilton, and government contracting businesses.

For questions about uLead, please contact [email protected] or Leah Bell at [email protected]

uLeader: Young Professional of the Year

The uLeader Young Professional of the Year award honors the best and brightest of the newest generation of mental health activists.

The award goes to a young professional who works to reduce the stigma around mental health, improve awareness about mental health, improve access to care for those coping with mental health issues, or is passionate about improving mental health in our society.

The uLeader Young Professional of the Year 2023 nominations will open soon!

Past winners include:

Lauren Abdill

Xuan Stevens

Kristin Drouin

Zach Schleien



uLead Membership Benefits

Benefits of Joining uLead

Make an impact and help break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

Connect with others across the country who also care about supporting mental health.

Build on your understanding of mental health issues.

 Professional development growth through networking with other like-minded young professionals and business leaders, as well as listing involvement on resume.

 Learn about taking a leadership role in advocating for mental health issues through information shared throughout the year.

Exclusive member-only discussion and learning opportunities.