Never in our lifetimes have we collectively been so physically disconnected, yet so focused on a common objective—moving beyond Covid-19 and its far-reaching effects. I will even venture to suggest that many have come to better understand the correlation between and importance of, both physical and mental health in our lives.  In these unprecedented times, the facts strongly suggest that mental health has never been more important.

The Luv u Project began as a personal commitment to make a difference in the field of mental health—fueled initially by our own resolve and our friends’ kindness in response to a terrible tragedy. Over the past few years, The Luv u Project and our work has evolved into a focused set of programs, with world-class partners, aimed at results. All of this, while remaining an all-volunteer organization.

In our annual Founder’s letter, we share the evolution of the past year and provide you with links to our Luv u Center case statement and critical components we are seeking to fund. Please give them a look and remember The Luv u Project as you consider year-end giving. We deeply appreciate and treasure your support.

Wishing you and all those you luv a very safe and  Happy Holiday Season!


Rich Mattingly

Founder, The Luv u Project

Read the 2020 Founder’s Letter