Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has expressed support and a willingness to assure that The Luv u Project becomes a lasting tribute to Carolyn. We know that without you our vision for a strong and effective organization will not be realized.

Over the past few weeks, we have completed the process of filing all the documents required by the Internal Revenue Service to establish tax-exempt status.

After the turn of the New Year, we will establish our first executable priorities. In addition to the causes that Carolyn championed, we are closely evaluating several others that are significant to society and that are relevant to our story, especially the need to better understand and address mental health issues.

The best way you can help The Luv u Project this month is to spread the word about our organization. We encourage you to invite others to visit theluvuproject.org and to subscribe to our messages. The more friends we have, the greater and more impactful an organization we will become.

The next few weeks will be particularly difficult, as Carolyn made every holiday a wonderful and special time for our family. We miss Carolyn so much; her warm smile and genuine touch continue to grace us, but the void in our lives is beyond compare. We find comfort in the friends and family who honor her memory and show us their support.

On behalf of Carolyn and our family, best wishes to you and your loved ones. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and treasure your times together.

We look forward to sharing more information with you after the New Year.


Rich, Christin, and Alex